Who we are

Match Latam is the result of the Latin American merger of two online dating giants: Meetic and Match.com. Operating since 2010, it is the owner of the ParPerfeito group of sites, which is the market leader in online dating in Brazil with over 12 years of experience, and includes Divino Amor, the portal aimed at evangelicals, and G Encontros, for gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

The group also operates in other countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru and has 60 million users in Latin America. We have one of the largest and most qualified databases on the internet. Our advanced targeting allows your brand to reach its exact target audience. Advertisers can speak directly to their potential customers by choosing any one of our criteria, ranging from age, location (city, state, country), physical characteristics (eye color, hair, etc.) to likes and interests.

This is an excellent opportunity for those seeking to engage with the target customers and strengthen the brand while being insured of a satisfactory return. Learn more about our engagement adverting model and find out how to reach and target potential customers efficiently by utilizing innovative formats!

Pioneer in Online Dating
40 countries in the world
Match.com leader in USA
Match latam leader in Latin América
Meetic Leader in Europe

Our Market segmentation allows
your brand to reach the exact target audience
you are looking for.

Check out the main groups:

  • Travel


    Users who love to travel and see new places, either alone or in good company. There are many ways to spend your trip: romantically, adventurously, in the cold, in the heat or even in a different cultural setting. Any excuse is valid to enjoy a good trip.

  • Culture


    Art lovers, those users who enjoy a good book, good music and enjoy films of all kinds. Weekend visits to art exhibitions never fail. Dancing, writing and listening to music are some of their hobbies.

  • Gourmet


    Cooking for these users is a serious thing! They enjoy cooking, going to restaurants and even work in the culinary field. Their tastes vary, ranging from Japanese food and fast-food to Mexican cuisine, Thai, Arabic and vegetarian.

  • Buyers


    Every occasion is valid to do a little shopping and update their wardrobe. Creams, perfumes, accessories, anything goes when it comes to staying in style.

  • Athletic


    Users who make exercising and playing sports a way of life. From surfing and golf to marathons, polo, hiking, swimming, and tennis. Professionals in the industry or for those who simply like to stay in shape. Physical activity is part of these users’ routine.

  • Business


    Professionals who are always looking to stay updated on what’s happening in the business world. They often attend business events and conferences and usually study in post-degree courses, or hold master’s, doctorate or Ph.D. degrees. Financial markets, internet entrepreneurs, run their own businesses, or occupy high positions in their companies.

  • Entertainment


    These are our liveliest and most energetic users. They often like going out to bars and concerts at least 3 times a week. Nothing prevents them from having fun and spending time with friends.

  • Demographic


    We provide segmentation by sex, state and age that can be added to other clusters just the way you want! The key is to ensure you reach your target audience.

  • Custom


    The advertiser can customize the segmentation according to the target you want to achieve, and there are countless combinations ranging from age to hair color, skin color, personal interests and behavior. Reach your potential customer effectively!

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